Privacy Policy

At the Lister Institute we are committed to protecting your personal information and privacy. We do, however, need to collect and use your personal information for legitimate purposes to help ensure that the Institute operates efficiently and effectively.

For Applicants

The Lister Institute will use information provided on the grant proposal for processing, and for the payment, maintenance and review of the grant.

This may include

  • Registration of proposals.
  • Operation of grants processing and management information systems.
  • Preparation of material for use by referees and peer review panels.
  • Administration, investigation and review of grant proposals.
  • Sharing of proposal information on a strictly confidential basis with other funding organisations to seek contributions to the funding proposals.
  • Statistical analysis in relation to the evaluation of research, applicants and the study of trends.

If your application progresses to the long-listing stage of our review process it will be sent out to external peer reviewers who must agree to keep it confidential. Nevertheless, if you wish to present ideas or unpublished data that have the potential to lead to intellectual property, it may be prudent to alert your technology transfer office before submitting the proposal.

It is important that you read our Privacy Policy carefully to undersand what information we hold, how we may use it and what your rights are.

For Reviewers

While undertaking a review, you must not disclose the fact that the applicant has applied for research funding, nor the content of the application to any other person (including work colleagues) without the prior written consent of the applicant, obtained via The Lister Institute. Equally, the information in the application must not be used for any other purpose other than providing a review for The Lister Institute. In addition, any personal information contained within the application must be treated in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and therefore must not be disclosed to any third party. Please see here for our Privacy Policy for reviewers.

When reviewing applications, it is important that reviewers avoid keeping confidential Lister Institute data on their local IT system, computer, or mobile device for longer than necessary to carry out the review and securely delete any data when the review has been completed. As the application is securely stored on Benefactor you should not need to download it onto your computer. In the event of a data loss, please report the incident to The Lister Institute as soon as possible by emailing